What is eKYC and how it works?

eKYC is govt approved verification method where instead of physically providing docs copy just a aadhar card number is enough. However aadhar card owner need to be physically present to verify the fingerprints.
Remember when aadhar card was made our fingerprints got scanned. Same scan would be matched and verified with current finger print scan taken at time of ekyc so the aadhar card owner need to be present himself.
Further some even ask for aadhar card physical copy instead of just aadhar card no just to be extra sure the person is himself.

These scanned finger prints and uidai no are sent to UIDAI authority servers online. Best part is just a yes or no is received as response, that the fingerprints sent are same one linked with aadhar card no or not.
No extra info is shared by uidai authority.

So here’s how ekyc works for Jio at Reliance Digital store:

  1. Visit Jio outlet
  2. Present two photographs, Aadhar card(just show them physically) and pan card(postpaid)/Form60(prepaid)
  3. Employee verifies photo on aadhar and person.
  4. Next he/she inputs data online with aadhar card no and scan customers finger prints.(this a little takes time)
  5. Scan and aadhar card no are sent to uadai server online. (this takes a lot time, govt server we all know)
  6. A response comes in yes or no. If yes then verification approved elso rejected with a unique approval or rejection transaction id.


Another way for ekyc verification is where aadhar card no and otp is required. OTP is sent UIDAI authority to person mobile registered at time of making of aadhar card(embedded on card itself).

Still in both the methods photographs are required and most agencies try to cross check with different id or physical presence of person to ensure that no misuse is happening.
Identity can be easily stolen on ekyc verification done with mobile OTP if fraudster has access to other persons mobile phone and knows his aadhar card no.

So it’s a boon for fast verification however use with caution.

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