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Looking to buy a new wifi router or upgrade your old home wifi router because you are not getting the desired speed as per your fiber broadband provider?

Here are few things to consider before buying a new one….
  • Check your router location … if you are not getting optimized speed may be your device is at one end of house or placed at a location where it won’t be able to provide coverage at every end of house.
  • Check your router placement … Check whether kitchen/washroom comes in between. Remember tiles can be a big problem to wifi coverage.
  • Check your router blockage … router placed too close to walls or metal/iron sheet wardrobe can be a big problem.
  • Check your router coverage... while most people don’t that how much area a router can cover is written on wifi router box/description/manual itself. So calculate your house area and check if your router coverage area is more than house coverage.
  • Check your mobile/device wifi ratings… Many mid range mobile support only AC400 dual band wifi so you won’t get more than 200mbps on these devices. For most low end smartphone 5ghz dual band wifi is missing altogether. So before upgrading your wifi router check your smartphone device specifications.
  • If you think any of above point is not for you then we wn’t stop you from buying the new wifi router. Infact we have whole suggestion of best wifi routers you can buy in India with full 3 year warranty.

You can try our selection of best wifi 6 router or best gigabit wifi 5 router. Even mesh router or range extender can be considered if you have multi story house or big brick house of more than 2500sq ft.