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Many excited users have waited long for jio 4G sim. Some even slept outside Reliance digital store coming in with full preparation bringing in their blanket n pillow so that when store opens they are first one in queue.

After 3-4 hours wait in queue they get the sim however activation time given by most stores of upto 5 days kills the excitement. To infuriate further sometimes it takes even longer. So how to avoid this long delay?

Few tips to quicken the sim activation process.

1.) Visit Reliance digital(one with green banner and is large) main store and avoid xpress(black banner) store if possible. Because Digital store is owned by Reliance itself they can do activation at store itself within 3-4 hours. The xpress store are franchise of Reliance where only docs collection is done and then these documents are sent to Jio processing center which is a hub of Jio operations for that area.

2.) If possible give e-aadhar card for activation. Some users on twitter from Delhi Ncr have reported their sim got activated same day as they gave e-aadhaar as document along with pan card copy and a pic.

Further to activate Jio sim following process need to be followed.
Your Jio sim won’t get activate if you didn’t folow the due process.

Jio Sim Activation Process:
If using sim in Volte mobile dial 1977.
If using mifi dial 1800-890-1977 from alternate number given at time of activation and follow the prompt. Keep the documents you submitted handy as you may need to enter last four digit of submitted docs id no to the ivr.
Once done you also use Jio join app to dial if volte is not working or using jio mifi device.