TP-link Deco XE75 Pro First Wifi 6E Router with 2.5Gbps Port in India

Tp-Link launched the first wifi 6E router in India which has a mesh capability too. Later Tp-link brought in the standalone triband wifi 6e router too called Archer AXE75. Now it has introduced the pro version of its Deco XE75 router called Tp-Link Deco XE75 Pro which has an additional 2.5gbps port.

This Deco XE75 Pro from Tp-Link is available in 3pc pack with 7200sqft (800gaj/yard) coverage claim. Uses 2.4ghz + 5 ghz + 6 ghz wifi frequency simultaneously with 6X6 data streams using MU-Mimo. Also supports Beamforming for wider coverage + QoS for gaming needs, along with OFDMA for 200+ devices support. 6ghz band can be used as data backbone for mesh capability with 2.4gbps 6ghz speed claim, other 2.4ghz & 5ghz can be used for devices connectivity with 600mbps+2400mbps speeds.

Other Features of Tp-Link Deco XE75 are:
  • 1.7ghz quad core cpu
  • One 2.5gbps ethernet port
  • Two 1gbps ethernet port
  • 4 internal antenna
  • Bss coloring support
  • 200 devices support
  • 2900sq ft(1pc)/5500sq ft(2pc)/7200sq ft(3pc) coverage
  • AI-Driven Mesh
  • TP-Link HomeShield
  • Deco app setup and control
  • Supports all wifi standards
  • Parental Control
  • Malicious Site Blocker
  • Real-Time IoT Protection
  • Qos Device Priority
  • Browser History Analysis report
  • Online Time Analysis report

This 2.5gbps port are very capable for more than gigabit speed as and when its gets launched by isp in India. We know that Jio fiber is very much capable to launch plan upto 10gigabit speed for domestic customers as it is using Nokia Xpon OLT with 10gbps.

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