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Jio 5G network will be operational from 15th August of this year that is the independence day of India.

Here is a List of bands that support Jio 5G networks:
  • n78 or 3.3GHZ band for 1gbps speeds on mobile devices.
  • n28b or Band 28 at 700mhz frequency for coverage indoor.
  • n258 is millimeter wave band is for select busy areas.

Jio network is expected to be best out of all the 5G networks in India due to its indoor coverage with band 28 /700mhz supports. In sub6 band also Jio has 100mhz of frequency in 3ghz+ band while Airtel only has only 80hz while Vi has mere 50hz in selected top circles.

List of the common phone that support Jio 5G network:

  • Most of the iphone sold in India supports all the Jio Bands
  • Most of Samsung S series phone with 5G supports all the Jio bands.