Fire TV Lite is downgraded version Fire TV stick where old remote was given that use to come with gen 1& 2 of fire stick. Amazon has now upgraded the old remote with new remote.

So can’t understand what is the difference with 3rd Gen fire Tv stick? Because we use to think the main fire tv stick is same in both Lite and 3rd gen. Then why the ₹1000 difference between two?

I don’t think they could offer 2nd gen fire stick in Fire tv lite as it is now painfully slow with latest software updates.

Best thing about Fire Tv stick is that it support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands from day 1. This helps in jitter free streaming. Latest 4K fire TV & Fire TV MAX stick support Wifi 6 too which can be a wonderful experience if you have a Wifi 6 Router in home.