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Confused between D-Link DIR 825 & DIR 841 Router? Which one is better out of two?

We will compare both the models below with each difference listed out.

D-Link DIR 825 Gigabit RouterD-Link DIR 841 Gigabit Router
1 Gigabit WAN Port1 Gigabit WAN Port
4 Gigabit LAN ports4 (100mbps) LAN ports
128 MB Ram64 MB Ram
16MB Flash 8MB Flash
Buy from amzonBuy from amzon

While both DIR 825 and 841 are decent enough routers however as implicated from above comparison Dlink DIR 825 is better in most aspects.

We have listed few other gigabit routers in similar price range for comparison:

You can try high end wifi 6 routers also or mesh routers for higher coverage in large or multi floor house of India.