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Looking for home wifi system for throughout wifi coverage in your house?

Whether you have a large house with large landscape or multi story house or old brick house you can get complete coverage in every corner of the house with Home wifi mesh solutions.

95% of the users in India are happy with isp supplied free router however for someone who have big house know that a single router can’t handle everything and they go with mesh routers solution.

We have Mesh router system based on wifi 5 aka 802.11AC or Wifi 6 802.11AX and lately wifi 6E based wifi mesh router system are also out in the market.

Try a mesh system routers. What I found when I researched was the starting models of WiFi 6 (AX) routers have similar range as low end WiFi 5 routers. For me personally, it made sense to go for a mesh routers.

What we noticed is with these ISP routers they are okay upto 1200-1400 sq feet based on the location of the router. If you have bigger flats multiple floors then mesh routers are ideal as these ISP router won’t cut it.