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Excitel the new age broadband isp of India uses fiber till last mile to provide internet services in many cities of India. It usually offers two option for ONT( fiber modem)

  1. Dual Band Wireless Router + ONT for ₹2000 refundable deposit
  2. Wired basic ONT(₹750 refundable deposit) where you need your own wifi router to connect.

Either way one get limited with coverage due wifi constraints. Like in a multi floor house wifi coverage gets bleak in floor above or below specially in adjacent rooms. So best way to get wide uninterrupted coverage is to use wifi range extender. Just place it at below or above floor at a place where you get decent coverage. Warning: Don’t place the range extender at zero coverage place.

Best Wifi Repeaters or Extenders compatible with Excitel Broadband Routers:

If you want solid coverage and currently using wifi ont from Excitel then we would recommend to downgrade from wireless ONT to wired ONT as you would get Rs.1000 security difference refund. Then buy a Wifi Mesh System with 2 or more piece mesh nodes which would give you solid wifi coverage without any signal break due to fast roaming built in mesh router.