Amazon Eero Mesh Router coming to India?

Amazon has its own range of Mesh Router called Eero mesh wifi system. However more than 3 years after it’s maiden launch in US it still hasn’t launch in India.

We don’t know the exact reason but guess is due to low sales of mesh routers in India. May be Amazon already knows that potential sales of mesh router on it’s amazon India shopping portal is not upto the mark to launch Eero mesh routers here. Eero is priced at premium side of mesh routers while India being a price sensitive market have most sales in lower end of this segment only.

Awareness of mesh routers is low in India. And those interested have a limited budget for a 3 nodes mesh system at below ₹10,000 mostly. While amazon US pricing starts from somewhere above Rs.11000 at current exchange price and Indian prices are 20% higher than US prices. Which means we are looking at least sales segment.

In India hardly anyone buys a router above Rs.3000-5000 as most of users get isp provided routers. For mesh routers too very few buy above Rs10,000. Above Rs.20,000 is rare that too by mostly niche buyers. Lower end of market is already very competitive with Tp-Link and its sub brand Mercusys along with D-link, Tenda brand of vfm mesh routers range in India.

Amazon Eero 6 Eero + Plus and eero 6E are priced way above Rs.20,000 which won’t find many takers as already Netgear, Linksys provides premium mesh router range in India.

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