Cpap Machine device prices in India

Cpap machine is often recommended for people with sleeping disorder. Before recommending this device a sleep pattern test is done. And is often recommended for people who complains of sudden choke of breath for short burst of time mostly while sleeping. Cpap machine maintains the air pressure into respiratory system with help of nasal mask which pushes air all the time.

Cpap machine is a small air pump with filter attached to it from where is pumps pure air to mask via flexible tube. Modern cpap machine are attached with humidifier inbuilt to regulate humidity of air for those who complains of dryness after long usage of cpap.

List of Cpap Machine available in India with approx prices:
  • BMC GII (AUTO) CPAP Machine with humidifier + free mask : more info ₹22000-25000
  • Resmed Airsense 10 Elite (Manual) with humidifier : more info 29000-31000
  • Bpl Harmony one Auto CPAP Machine with humidifier : more info ₹35000 approx
  • BMC G2S A-20 AUTO C-PAP with humidifier : more info ₹21000-24000
  • Philips Respironics Dorma 100 (no humidifier) cpap machine : more info ₹27000-29000

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