Fish Oil Tablets Price in India

Fish Oil is easiest source of Omega 3. Omega 3 helps in avoiding cancer, cognitive aging, cardio problem, inflammatory diseases,reducing tension related diseases, fatty liver disease. Plus helps in brain & visual functions. Rather its all in one natural dietary supplement. We have plethora of fish oil brands launched in recent years.

Few things to check on fish oil box are on DHA & EPA strength rather than overall strength. That too per capsules rather than per servings. Because brands are cunningly printing per serving strength on box rather than per capsules while making serving size large thus increasing overall strength which is printed big on box front. Lets select few better one out of these. Note: Power is per capsule in below listing

  • Swisse Ultiboost Odourless Wild Fish Oil (1500 mg) EPA270 DHA180 more details
  • True Basics Double Strength Fish oil (1250mg) EPA-560 DHA-460 more details
  • Carbamide Forte Wild Salmon Fish Oil 1000 mg EPA 180mg and DHA 120 mg – more details

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