Bipap machine helps the people having breathing problem in sleep also known as sleep apnea.

Fortunately Bipap machines are widely available in India

Portable Bipap Machine Price in India 2023
Ques: How much is a BiPAP machine cost in India?

Ans: Bipap Machine Costs Rs.25000 to Rs.1Lakh or even more depending on brand, origin, functions etc.

Ques: Can BiPAP machine be used at home?

Ans: Yes If prescribed by doctor then bipap machine can be used at home. You can buy or rent it.

What is BiPAP machine used for?

Ans: Bipap machine helps with people having breathing problem or sleep apnea aka sleeping disorder or snoring problem.

Is BiPAP machine an actual ventilator?

Ans: Bipap machine is a type of ventilator called positive ventilator.

How long does a BiPAP machine last?

Ans: A typical Bipap machine lasts 5-10years.

How many hours should you use a BiPAP machine?

Ans: It is recommend it to be used while sleeping so depends on no of hours you sleep.

Does BiPAP machine helps during Covid?

Ans: BiPAP helps in breathing problem irrespective of what is causing that breathing problem. So yes it also helps during covid breathing problem symptoms.

5 Foods that should be avoided just before sleeping in night if you suffer from Sleep Acnea are:

  1. Red meat like goat meat, sheep meat, beef etc.
  2. Dairy products.
  3. Refined carb foods.
  4. Alcoholic Drinks.
  5. Bananas

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