Best & Pure 1KG Desi Ghee in India

Cow ghee is yellow in colour in comparison to buffalo ghee of white colour. Bilowna method of making ghee from curd instead of milk is considered authentic.

Few good Pure Desi Ghee Brands of India are:
  • Aashirvaad Svasti Cow Ghee from ITC made with slow process has a distinct colour and aroma.
  • Mother Dairy Cow Ghee is also very good with nice grainy texture and sweet aroma.
  • Nandini cow ghee from karnataka co-operative is good & indistinguishable from home-made ghee prepared.
  • Verka desi ghee from Punjab govt co-operative is considered good.
  • Vita desi ghee from Haryana co-operative is also top notch.
  • Amul Desi Ghee is also very popular and with its unique packing is tampered proof.
  • A2 Desi Ghee is called pure authentic desi ghee made A2 cows.
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₹550.00 (₹55.00 / 100 ml)
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₹640.00 (₹71.11 / 100 ml)
  • Desi ghee made with milk
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₹600.00 (₹60.00 / 100 ml)
  • Packaged using processes to retain the flavour and aroma
  • Has a pleasing aroma and rich granular texture
  • Lends itself beautifully to varied Indian cuisines
  • A must have in all Indian households
  • Country of Origin: India
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₹450.00 (₹45.00 / 100 ml)
  • Ghee is a premium ghee made with a special SloCook process
  • Ghee is a premium ghee made with a special SloCook process
  • This is a Vegetarian product
  • Good for health and nutritional benefits, rich source of Vitamin A, D & E
  • This rich and aromatic Ghee naturally contains Vitamin A that is known to support immunity
  • Now enhance the aroma and deliciousness of every dish
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₹590.00 (₹59.00 / 100 g)
  • Ghee calms Pitta and Vata. Hence, it is ideal for people with Vata-Pitta body type and for those suffering from Vata and Pitta imbalance disorders
  • Oral consumption of Cow Ghee to relieve dryness
  • Cow ghee is better for heart compares to other buffalo ghee
  • Patanjali Cow ghee contains only those fatty acids or saturated fat that are primarily 89 % short chain fatty acids, compared with the longer chain with other animal fats. it is the long chain fatty acid that is associated with blood clotting and thrombosis
  • Patanjali Cow milk is easy to digestive and help hormone production and strengthening the cells membranes
  • It Helps in increasing intelligence and memory power
  • Boost body energy and detoxify the body
  • Country of Origin: India
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₹989.00 (₹197.80 / 100 ml)
  • BILONA CHURNED GHEE: Our A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee is made from the A2 milk of grass-fed Hallikar cows of Karnataka. Our ghee is made in small batches, ensuring a standard of quality. We offer the most natural ghee with no compromise on quality. The indigenous cow gives around 2-3 litres of milk per day which is more nutritious than foreign breeds that produce more milk. The cows are neither forced nor injected with hormones to enhance milk production. "
  • MADE FROM CURD: Our A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee is 100% pure, preservative-free, chemical-free, and cruelty-free. Fresh A2 milk obtained from Desi Hallikar cows is boiled and set to curd, the curd is then slowly hand churned bi-directionally in a wooden churner called a bilona. The A2 butter obtained through this process is then separated and slowly heated to obtain A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee. This is why our A2 cow ghee has a grainy texture, thicker consistency, tempting aroma, and great flavour.
  • A2 GHEE NUTRITION: It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for human body functioning. Being rich in vitamins A, E, K, and conjugated linoleic acid along with antioxidants makes it great for your body. It is rich in butyric acid that improves digestion, and reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body."
  • HOW TO CONSUME: Use In Food: Consume ghee with warm milk to help build your strength and keep your gut healthy. Additionally, you can apply ghee on tawa fresh rotis and parathas to make them more moist and digestible. Use For Skin: Make a paste of besan and ghee. Apply it and wash after 15 min with lukewarm water. Use For Massage: Ghee has naturally nourishing and moisturising properties that make it great for baby massages."
  • LAB-TESTED GHEE: We perform a total of 17 lab tests on our A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee and make sure that every batch of our ghee undergoes strict quality checks.
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Our A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee is best stored in a cool and dry place with the lid tightly closed. We use our high-quality glass jars for longer shelf life, to preserve quality and taste and as a safer, non-toxic alternative to plastic.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee; Quantity: 5L; Diet Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 180 Days. Our A2 Desi Hallikar Cow Ghee is proudly made in India.
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₹430.00 (₹43.00 / 100 ml)
  • Lighther Then Desi Ghee
  • Good for health and nutritional benefits, rich source of Vitamin A, D & E
  • Haryana Special is an ideal product for cooking, frying, baking and use for paranthas, pulao, sweets and use like desi ghee
  • low cholesterol fat, low trans fat and low saturated fat
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₹530.00 (₹53.00 / 100 ml)
  • 1 spoon a day of ghee keeps you fit and strong in this fast life where we need to be active and energetic always
  • Ghee can be consumed for better digestion
  • Ghee stimulates muscle movements, strengthen the sense organ, nourish the skin and improves complexion
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₹569.00 (₹62.87 / 100 g)
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Sanchi Desi Ghee is made by Madhya Pradesh Milk co-operative
  • Him Desi Ghee is made by Himachal Pradesh Milk co-operative
  • Aanchal Desi Ghee is made by Uttrakhand Milk co-operative
  • Saras Desi Ghee is made by Rajasthan Milk co-operative
  • Devbhog Desi ghee is made by Chattisgarh Milk co-operative
  • Sudha Desi Ghee is made by Bihar Milk co-operative
  • Benmilk Desi Ghee is made by West Bengal Milk co-operative
  • Omfed Desi Ghee is made by Odisha Milk co-operative
  • Purabi Desi Ghee is made by Assam Milk co-operative
  • Sikkimilk Desi Ghee is made by Madhya Pradesh Milk co-operative
  • Goa Dairy Desi Ghee is made by Goa Milk co-operative
  • Vijaya Desi Ghee is made by Andhra Pradesh Milk co-operative
  • Milma Desi Ghee is made by Kerala Milk co-operative
  • Aavin Desi Ghee is made by Tamil Nadu Milk co-operative
  • Medha Desi Ghee is made by Jharkhand Milk co-operative
  • Kevi Desi Ghee is made by Nagaland Milk co-operative
  • Ponlait Desi Ghee is made by Pondicherry Milk co-operative
  • Gomati Desi Ghee is made by Tripura Milk co-operative
  • Mulco Desi Ghee is made by Mizoram Milk co-operative

where 75% of cost is returned to farmers.

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