Mesh Router for Airtel Fiber Broadband

Airtel Xstream broadband service provides most reliable fiber based super fast plans within India. Reliability and service support provided by Airtel can’t be matched. Airtel always provide more than their promised speeds. Like most of the time a 100mbps plan gives 110-120mbps speed. While a 200mbps plan gives 220-250mbps easily & 300mbps plan gives 330-360mbps throughput.

However their only disadvantage is for people with big or multi floor houses wifi coverage on default ONT. To overcome this we recommend to use mesh routers which can be directly brought from pc store or online.

List of Mesh Routers best suited for Airtel Xstream fiber plans with speed of 100mbps+ in India:

  • Tp-link Deco M4 AC1200 with gigabit port. Best VFM device with parental control. more details.
  • Tp-Link Deco M3 AC1200 with gigabit port. Cheapest more info
  • TP-Link X20 Wifi6 Ax1800 router with all gigabit ports. more details
  • Tp-link Deco M5 Ac1300 with gigabit port. Advance version of M4. Parental control + malware+ anti-virus inbuilt. more details.
  • Netgear Orbi RBK50 Triband Router System. With dedicated wireless backhaul, parental control, stability. more details
  • Linksys Velop AC2600 wifi5 2pc Mesh Router System more info
  • Asus AX55 AX1800 Dual Band Router with Aimesh support. Buy 2 or more pieces for mesh formation. more info
  • Netgear Orbi MK62 wifi6 Ax1800 mesh router with dedicated backhaul & stability. more details.
  • Q: What is the price of Airtel Xstream fiber mesh Router?
  • A: Mesh router for Airtel braodband starts from Rs.5000-6000 depending on what kind of speed you are trying to achieve.
  • Q: Mesh router is suited best for which kind of homes?
  • A: Mesh router is best for people having multi floor house as network can’t penetrate ceiling made of concrete with iron rods frame. Also suited for people with thick brick walls or area of more than 200gaj or 2000sq ft. Also if you can’t place your router in central position of house.

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