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Vodafone and Idea recently launched Turbonet 4G service. Many people asked what is it and is it superior than Jio n Airtel 4g service?

Well answer to this is its carrier aggregation of Vodafone and Idea’s 4G spectrum to give superior speed. Well it’s already available in both Jio and Airtel 4G. Like most advance handset model can latch to 1800mhz + 2300mhz band together and in some case three band like 1800+850+2300 in jio or 900+1800+2300mhz in Airtel or even 4 band(in advance model). This gives superior speed and lower pings as data is fetched from all the band simultaneously. Now the only advantage for idea n Vodafone combine is that they hold maximum amount of spectrum in most circles giving them superior CA speeds over other. But nothing new in tech branded as Turbo 4G.