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According to report mediaone TV in Kerala JIO 4G is installing water tank disguised as mobile tower or rather I would say installing mobile tower inside plastic water tank. Report says that installation is done in night only.
Also the generator and base equipments are hidden so smartly that no one would think it as Mobile antenna.

In recent years there has been requirement of more mobile towers thanks to increased mobile penetration and 4G uptake. However ironically due fear of radiation even the old towers are repeatedly forced shut down in residential areas. This also has brought to news call drop menace which has been discussed even in lok sabha.

Lets see these innovative tricks by JIO 4G helps them bring superior coverage in comparison to incumbents operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea which still opt for big size traditional towers.

Here is youtube video of kerala news channel. check from 0:20 for how tank looks like.