Loop 4G network India is Jio 4G

If you found IN Loop 4G network while doing manual network search in your mobile and you are wondering when this company started mobile services then here is the answer.
It is none other but Reliance Jio 4G network which is showing up as Loop 4G network. You must be surprised why it is so. Well dept of telecommunications gave same mnc/mcc code to Loop in 2008. This code is used by mobile handset makers to recognize network name on the handset. It must be possible you got an old handset or old software update on your phone. Don’t worry after jio 4g launch when you’ll insert jio sin card it would show Jio only. Or whenever your handset would get latest firmware update.
Why my handset showing Loop Mobile?
Your handset must be old one or without any latest software update. Whenever it would get next update the loop would change to Jio. All depends on your mobile phone manufacturer.

Can I convert Loop Mobile to Jio Mobile?
No you can’t do it yourself. Only your mobile phone maker can do it via software update.

Is this a problem if Loop Mobile shows instead of Jio 4G?
Only thing to check is APN in your handset: It should jionet which is for Jio 4G service not the APN of Loop mobile service. Rest your handset works the same way like it should.

How to solve jio sim null problem in loop mobile?
1) Create new internet profile named jio
2) Set apn ‘jionet’ & everything else as blank.
3) Calling can be done via ‘Jio 4G Voice’ app only.


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