List of routers that support Act Fibernet’s Broadband speeds

Act Fibernet is Fiber based Broadband provider with fiber till Node. Node is installed at customer premises mostly.

Now for Act Fbernet plan of 100mbps and above(like 125mbps, 150mbps, 250mbps) one needs Router with gigabit ports else you won’t get speed above 90mbps. Also router should support N450mbps to get optimal speeds.

Won’t emphasis much on AC speeds as range is very less which won’t cross a brick wall or two. As in India we mostly have brick walls so AC router won’t provide the needed range , a max to next room at max. So AC router or not is upto you guys as budget allows.

For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed of 100mbps, 125mbps, 150mbps, 200mbps get Gigabit router with N450
For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed from 40mbps and above (i.e. 40mbps, 50mbps, 60mbps, 75mbps, 80mbps, 90mbps) Get a N300 router or N450 router.
For plan Act Fibernet Plan speed from 30mbps and below (i.e. 10mbps ,15mbps, 20mbps, 25mbps, 30mbps) we recommend N150 Router.

Act Fibernet uses Cat 2 Copper pair ethernet cable for plans with speed below 50mbps and Cat 5 ethernet cable for plan speed above 50mbps.


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