List of convertible refrigerators fridge by Haier in India 2018

Two kind of convertible refrigerator offered by Haier in India. Swift convertible is a limited convertible one – you can convert freezer into fridge like 2 in 1.
8 in 1 convertible is one where you can convert fridge into freezer and freezer into fridge while you can also turn off each component. Like switch off freezer with fridge on or only freezer on and fridge off. Haier also offers side by side refrigerator with convertible option where one can convert whole fridge to freezer or vice versa.

List of Swift Convertible Fridge by Haier:

    HRF-2984PMG-E – 274Litres – Check Price
    HRF-2983CKG-E – 274Litres – Check Price
    HRF-2784PMG-E – 235 Litres – OUT of Stock
    HRF-2783CKG-E – 235litres – Check Price
    HRF-2783BMS-E – 256litres – Check Price
    HEF-25TDS – 258Litres – Check Price

List of 8 in 1 Convertible Fridge by Haier:

    HEB-25TDS – 256lites – Check Price
    HEB-25TRF – 256lites – Check Price
    HRB-2764PMJ-E – 256litres – Check Price

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