Vodafone STV92 with 120talktime & isd calling pack

Vodafone has launched new Rs.92 STV in West Bengal on occasion of Ramazan.

Benefits of this Rs.92 STv are:

  • Upto Rs.120 talktime. (what does that upto means?  also is it core talktime? not sure)
  • Free Voda to Voda calls 2am to 4am (yeah let me set up alarm for this)
  • 92MB 3G/4G data
  • isd pack Bangladesh calling @4p/sec Qatar/Yemen @18p/sec Bahrain/Kuwait/Saudi @14p/sec UAE @ 18p

For new subscribers this pack is also available as FRC91. Not sure this offer is valid in kolkata also as Kolkata is different telecom circle than WB.

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