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Jio 4G has launched a new offer for new LYF handset users. For every new sim brought with LYF handset along with first FRC gives you 20% extra data.

Let’s say customer buys a new LYF handset along with sim & first dhan dhana dhan offer FRC of Rs.309. He gets 6GB extra data valid for 84days. This data would be used when daily 1GB limit gets over.

Similarly if customers buys a Rs.509 voucher along with Prime and LYF handset then he gets 12GB voucher valid for 84days.

Jio’s sister concern is losing market share to chinese counter brand. Their market share has dropped from 7% to 3% in last quarter. Previously also LYF 4G handset gained marketshare only on the basis of bundled Jio sim & offer. They are hoping to gain marketshare with this offer again. Though I think the exclusive benefits are too little to attract.  Would have been better if Rs.309 give 1.25-1.5GB daily or Rs.509 FRC with 1.75to 2GB per day. This offer in our opinion is little too low to attract users to LYF handset when Xiaomi & Lenovo are almost on same price with longer software support.