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Aircel is following it’s merger partner Rcom in giving away similar offers. Aircel has launched same offer as Rcom ramadan Rs.786 offer. However unlike Rcom data only offer for 6 months Aircel is giving for only 70days but unlimited local+std calls with 1200mins weekly restriction is added.

So both merger partner are offering a similar priced differently flared offer to target a different segment of customers. Let’s have a look of current Aircel 786 ramadan offer in detail.

Aircel Rs786 STV

  • 1GB/per day data free
  • unlimited local+std calls
  • Free incoming roaming calls
  • Valid for 70days

Comparing this this offer to other operators.

  • Jio dhan dhana dhan offer Rs.408 for 84days with 1GB per day data & unlimited local+ std +roaming calls.
  • Vodafone Rs.346 offer with 1GB per day & unlimited local+std for 56days(segmented)
  • Airtel Rs.399 offer with 1GB per daay & unlimited local+std calls for 56 or 70 days(segmented/new users)
  • Bsnl Rs.395 STV Nehle pe dehla offers 2GB per day data & 3000mins bsnl to bsnl (local+std) &1800 to others(local+std) for 71days.
  • Rcom ramazan offer Rs.786 1GB per day for 180days.
  • Idea Rs.196 offer with unlimited local+std calls with 1GB monthly data.