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First I thought it must be in only my redmi 2 prime phone. Problem started with few people on other side of calls complaining of my low voice volume during call. This didn’t happened in all calls as in whatapp or VoLTE calls are of HD quality. As normal HD calls are of loud this put down which didn’t even let me know about the issue for quite sometime. As we think it must be network problem or other persons phone.

However over the time I noticed this problem. I even tried to clean the phone mic with thinner and small pin but no difference. However to my surprise my friend’s phone again Redmi 2 prime got exact same problem. I thought it must be design problem with Redmi 2 prime models and now that phone  way past the production date nothing to worry about. Another problem in this phone is with Miui software with 4G sim card of Jio 4G where you can’t switch off this sim card while in the phone while using the other sim card. So I thought better change the phone as am already using it for 1.5+ years.

Now while buying a new phone Redmi Note 4 was one of the phone in my list as it’s one of the cheapest snapdragon 625 powered phone. Snapdragon is battery saving processor which can support 4G+3G simultaneously. I even brought this phone however after reading negative reviews on flipkart same low voice problem was reported by many in mostly negative reviews. I immediately cancelled the order after just an hour.

Read the review screenshot taken from Flipkart Redmi Note 4 Page

Problem is we Indians are the louder lot so most of us don’t notice the low voice problems. Also some of us are using Jio 4G sim where most calls are HD and many people use phone whatsapp calls extensively which again has same HD quality.  Few of these reasons doesn’t make people notice this problem.

I am sure this is a design or software problem of Xiaomi phones atleast the Redmi series. Hopefully more people report this problem and Xiaomi look into this serious flaw.