Jio prime one plus one offer with Rs.30 discount on paytm is going rounds in social media. Today we’ll tell you how to get 15% off on Airtel 345/346/347/348/349 recharge or any other STV recharge denomination.

Steps to avail 15% discount on Rs.345 recharge.

  1. Download my-Airtel app on your smart phone.
  2. checkout the exclusive offer on app Rs.1100 in Rs.1000
  3. Recharge for this and pay using Airtel money app which’ll give you 5% additional discount i.e. Rs.50 off
  4. So you’ll pay around Rs.950 for Rs.1100 talktime in your account.
  5. now dial *121# and select the Rs.345 or any other STV option.
  6. Balance will deduct from main balance so in Rs.950 you can 3 X Rs.345 recharge with Rs.50 talktime left.
  7. Effective price of Rs.345 would cost around Rs.295.

You paid Rs.1000 and got Rs. 1100 talktime.- Rs.345*3= Rs.1035.

Now with Rs.65 talktime left and Rs.50 cashback in Airtel money you paid Rs.1000-65-50=Rs.885/3=Rs295 for every Rs.345 recharge.