Lets compare the water heater geyser of Racold vs AO.Smith to review which one is better?

You can read the difference highlighted in the table below:

Racold GeyserAO Smith Geyser
Titanium coated Heating elementIncoloy element with Glass coating
Titanium enamel coating steel Tank Blue Diamond glass lined tank
Special Anode RodMagnesium Anode rod
2 yr comprehensive
2-4 yr heating element(depending on model)
5-7 yr tank warranty (depending on model)
2 yr comprehensive
3 yr heating element all models
7 yr tank warranty all models
Free InstallationPaid Installation
Verdict: We feel AO Smith Water Geyser are superior due incoloy element with glass coating whereas Racold doesn’t even mention material type used in heating element. Similarly we feel inner glass tank protection is better than titanium coated steel tank.

Above comparison stand true for storage tank geyser for few of model we compared ourselves from listings above. Model and features keep on changing. We try out best to keep this info updated.