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If your house is near open drainage or dirty nala then which AC to buy?

We recommend LG ,Panasonic, Daikin, Samsung, OGeneral, Voltas AC for their AC with coating on both indoor and outdoor units.

What is the solution to prevent frequent AC gas leaks?

Buy AC with Gold fin coating, Bluefin coating, Black ocean coating, durafin coating or any other coating you can do yourself.

We Recommend LG AC with Black OCEAN Coating and 1+4 Years Extended Warranty (avail at time of installation from LG authorized installation team) which include gas refill also.

Why does AC gas leakage happen so frequently?

People living nearby these open drainage areas not only frequent AC leakage problem but also frquent leakage in refrigerator and LED tvs. We need to understand these drainage are fed with industrial and commercial waste which led to eruption of fumic gases from these drains. These gases are harmful and is major reasons which fastens up the corrosion in these areas. You’ll notice that brass stuff like even coins get darkened or corrosioned very fastly in these areas. However AC coil darkening doesn’t led to leakage of AC in these areas. This only happens when after rusting of coils led to appearance of micro holes in these coils. And mostly this happens in evaporator coils which is wet where this gas led to quick corrosion of copper coils and due to high pressure inside these coils gas which create micro holes within these weakened copper coils.

Should we buy aluminum condenser AC if living nearby an open drainage area?

As we have discussed above most leakage in these high gas areas happen in evaporator/cooling coils which is located in outdoor unit not the condenser coils which means buying AC with aluminium condensor is futile process. Also the cooling coil is still made of copper even in most aluminium condenser ACs. Also aluminium condenser ACs are less to copper in heat conduction and not easy to repair too. So buying Aluminium ACs for open drainage area is not recommended.