7 Reasons Why Your Ac compressor is Turning Off Quickly

Your Windows or split AC compressor is getting turn off in short period of time?

Here are the 10 reasons of why it maybe happening:
  1. Dirty Ac Condenser: This is one of the major problems for AC’s that are not serviced properly if any of indoor or outdoor unit condenser is choked with dirt then it won’t let the AC’s to perform properly.
  2. Malfunctioning capacitor of fan: Check if fan of AC is working properly or not else compressor won’t work properly. Fan not working can be capacitor problem too.
  3. Malfunctioning Compressor capacitor: Another problem could be capacitor problem of AC compressor forcing it to switch off.
  4. Low Input Voltage: Low input voltage can be another reason why your AC is unable to cool properly. Get a Proper voltage
  5. Low AC (cooling)Gas: Low refrigerant gas in AC can be another problem why you AC is unable to cool properly. Leading to compressor overheating and tripping off eventually.
  6. Air in AC’s Pipe System: Here some dust or Air is inside the pipes of AC unit, while installing the AC suction compressor was not used to vent out the Air & dirt from pipe system. Or maybe it enetered while repairing the system or recharging the gas in the AC.
  7. Compressor Problem: Compressor in itself could be a problem. Due to low oil, circuit not attached properly.
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