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Voltas has launched its maha-adjustable AC range for 2023 in India. These are the 6in 1 inverter ac’s which can be run from 50% to 133% percent cooling power.

Voltas is claiming a few selected models of 1.5ton Voltas AC can run with a 2ton cooling which is a 33% extra cooling power. Here point to note is that if you run any inverter AC at extra capacity than rated cooling then it becomes highly inefficient so it is not recommended to use it for than few hours in rare cases.

Features Review of Voltas Maha Adjustable AC’s:

  • 6 in 1 adjustable mode (most brands have 4in1 to 6in1 modes)
  • superdry quick humidification mode (dry mode is even found in decade old acs)
  • High ambient cooling from 52degrees (most inverter ac’s claim this)
  • Turbo cooling (set temperature at lowest and fan speed at max)
  • R32 eco friendly gas (90% of modern ac sold have this)
  • 100% copper (but no fin protection like LG acs)
  • sleep mode (again all models offer sleep profile)
  • anti-microbial filter (not pm2.5 like panasonic offers)
  • wide voltage range (its feature of all inverter Ac’s)

As you can see above Maha adjustable ac’s of Voltas doesn’t offer anything substantial. Even coating on coils is missing which is standard in many acs brand. Still Voltas offer good robust and durable products with reliable and extensive service.

Hope you like this short Pre-Review of Voltas Maha Adjustable AC.