Bsnl modem price list with and without Wifi

Bsnl provide broadband service using copper telephone service on adsl technology. To use Bsnl broadband service one needs Bsnl adsl modem and if wifi service is needed then an additional wifi capability is required. Modem provided by Bsnl on rental basis are mostly chinese one sourced from cheap manufacturers. Sometimes when house is old with thick bricks it range is not proper. Due to use of substandard chipset it may gives disconnection problems every now and then.
So better buy modem directly from market. Here goes the list:

Top 5 best modems+wifi for use with Bsnl broadband service.

  1. TP-link TD-W8961N with 300mbps wifi router plus built-in Bsnl modem.
  2. Netgear D500 N150 with 150mbps wifi router plus built-in Bsnl modem.
  3. Tenda TE-D151 with 150mbps wifi router plus built-in Bsnl modem.
  4. D-Link DSL-2877AL Dual Band 750mbps wifi router plus Bsnl modem.
  5. Intex wireless 300mbps wifi router plus built-in Bsnl Modem.

Bsnl list of adsl wired modem only without wifi – Not recommended

  1. TP-Link TD-8817 ADSL2+ Wired Ethernet Router
  2. D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Wired Ethernet/USB Combo Router
  3. Digisol DG-BG1000 ADSL 2/2+ Single Port Ethernet Broadband Router

For increased coverage requirement try wifi range extenders. Place them at that part of house where you get less coverage not zero coverage place.

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