New BEE Star Ratings of Split Air Conditioners 2022 2023 2024

Govt of India ISEER ratings have changed from July 2022 for new split Air conditions sold in the market after 2022 and these new rating will be valid for next 2.5 years.
These ratings basically tell you how much power efficient your newly brought split AC is with now of units consumed when switched on for full 365 days.

ISEER Ratings Valid from July 2022 till Dec 2024
1 Star = 3.3 – 3.49
2 Star = 3.5 – 3.79
3 Star = 3.8 – 4.39
4 Star = 4.4 – 4.99
5 Star = Greater than 5.0

So expect prices of new AC to increase from 2023 as only new models will be available after that. Have a look at few good deals for this season.

Hope you like the AC deals available for now. You can buy AC online and get it is installed from authorized brand representative only. Just call the support and ask for installation and they’ll send engineer who is gonna charge as per company norms and issue you a receipt.

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