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Many people online are comparing Jio 4G coverage with Airtel or Vodafone or Idea’s coverage. Few things to not before making speed test comparison are

  • Data on Jio 4G is free vs paid data on Airtel – Idea – Vodafone
  • Jio 4G has much better rural and highway coverage than these three.
  • All three incumbents are more concentrated in big cities and town where network has been improved on constant complaint and feedback from users over the years.So these operators already know from 3G and 2G towers where the demand would be.
  • Jio on other hand being new operator has many more things to look after like sales, billing , support etc. alog with network


Still these operators started expanding their 4G network only after facing competition from Jio 4G.

  • Vodafone want Indian users to pay 20-30$ to expect world class 4G coverage while it keep paying it’s employees and outsourced call center employees in INR.
  • Idea doesn’t want to spend on fiber and thinks that microwave backhaul feed is sufficient for it’s 4G towers.
  • Airtel didn’t want to expand 4G too fast as it’s fixed line n broadband business was already reaping healthy profits with avg arpu exceeding Rs.1000 per month, why would it want to spend more on 4G tower, build capacity and in turn make mobile data cheaper.

Leaving with coverage of maps of these operators vs that of Jio 4G.