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I went with welcome offer code generated on my samsung 4G mobile to nearest Jio dealer. However after inputting the aadhar card no and verifying with my finger print when preview code was scanned “code already used or redeemed” message flashed on screen.
Shopkeeper look at me with strange eyes n when you got sim already then why came here?
Hell no why would I waste my time here.
I asked him if he could check what sim no was brought using this sim?
But Jio provided him nothing to do that check.
Now who should I report to?
Jio care simply responds by overwhelmed queries excuse to not even read my email.

To be honest once these offers go paid and kind of support level remains same I sure many people gonna port and ditch Jio sim after 3 months after initial trial curiosity gets over.
Even on twitter jio cares selectively answers people. Likely to get answer if you got more followers.