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In result announced on DOT website Vodafone and Idea have won substantial chunk of spectrum in many circles for 2500mhz 4G band. Here it may be noted that frequency 2496 – 2690 can be used on either band 7 FDD LTE(used by western peers) or band 41 TDD LTE(used in china or africa). Our govt chose later for whatever reasons we would never know.
For auction of 2016 which started on 1st oct 2016 and ended on 6th oct 2016 result for 2500mhz are:

Idea brought 10Mhz in AP , Assam ,Bihar , Gujarat, Haryana, HP, J&K , Kerala, Maharashtra, North East, Orrisa, Rajasthan, UP(e), UP(w) West Bengal and 20mhz in MP.

Vodafone brought 10mhz in Assam, Haryana, Kerala, North East , Odisha, Punjab ,Rajasthan, UP(e), UP(w) and West Bengal and 20mhz in Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkata, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Bsnl already got 20mhz spectrum in 16 out of 20 circles it operates in.

Band 41 is supported by many chinese brands already like xiaomi, lenovo, oppe etc as its being used in their native country. So don’t feel that most handset won’t support this band 41, infact popular phones like xiaomi note 3,mi 5, iphone 6, 6s,7 , galaxy s6, s7 all have band 41 enabled.

Band 41 is good for capacity addition not for in-building coverage. That means users will be latching to this band mostly when in open and that is where we need 4G the most as most people have wifi in home and offices.

This 2500mhz band 41 is another positive for Indian 4G telecom market as capacity addition would led to lower prices in long term.