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Many Coolpad mobile phone users have reported to be unable to use their mobile phone on Jio 4G network. Here it may be reminded that Jio 4G network officially list following Coolpad handset to supported completely:

  • CoolPad Note 5
  • Coolpad Max
  • Coolpad Mega 2.5D

Rest all handset which have 4G network may work but the Jio 4G sim need to be activated first.
And these users with coolpad 4G handsets other than listed above need to download Jio join app for calls and sms.
The main thing missing is Volte in these all other Coolpad handset even when having all 4G network band support.

These other Coolpad handset users may face problem only the very first time while activating the sim but once the sim is activated no problem using data services. Two way to overcome this problem:

  1. To activate the sim they can use their friends or anyone’s handset which got VoLTE service inbuilt. Easy Peasy just put in the sim in any VoLTE enabled phone and dial 1977 to activate it for verification.
  2. Also they may try to download Jio join/4G Voice app before hand using other wifi/sim data services. This way when you put in new jio sim the app would detect it and allow you to make activation call to 1977. Please note that your data settings should be on and you should be on jio mobile data (not wifi) while activating the jio4G Voice app.

Out of these two methods first one is more reliable. Second procedure has mixed review as it may or may not work.

Few questions asked by users:

Q: My coolpad note 3 lite not working with Jio 4G sim, What to do?
A: Activate the sim first via above two methods mentioned above. Also check apn should be jionet.

Q: My mobile Coolpad dazen1 8297-100 model Jio sim card not accepted please activate my mobile.
A: Activate the sim first via above two methods mentioned above. Also check apn should be jionet. Only band 40 / 2300mhz is supported in this handset so you may not get proper coverage within house or building. Better test it in open space.

Click here to ask more questions related to Jio 4G handsets. We’ll try to answer all of them.

Note: If your Jio sim is showing Loop mobile IN instead of Jio 4G then better check your internet APN settings.
Create a new setting name: Jio with APN: jionet and everything else blank. It would solve many of your problems.

Coolpad hardware is good but software is very buggy to run VoLTE of Jio 4G.
After reading the opinions of users in comment section below what we suggest is :  Don’t buy Coolpad Mobile. Rather buy these.