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Mach1 is another ethernet/fiber based provider with FTTN (Fiber to the neighborhood) architecture. Company provide very awesome true unlimited plans in Mumbai city which can Mtnl Mumbai plans to shame. Best thing is it’s unlimited plans are truly unlimited without any fair usage whatsoever. The one which have fair usage policy are called Fair usage plan not unlimited even when these fair usage plans have very decent post FUP speeds. Really like the transparency of the company.
Glider 499 with 5MBPS true unlimited speed MRP Rs.499+ service tax
Jet 699 with 10MBPS true unlimited speed MRP Rs.699+ service tax
Super Jet 1199 with 20MBPS true unlimited speed MRP Rs.1199+ service tax
Jumbo Jet 1499 with 25MBPS true unlimited speed MRP Rs.1499+ service tax

You can get upto 50% further discount by paying rental in advance. Like if you pay for Jumbo or Super Jet for 6 months advance then you get 6 months additional free i.e. 12months in price of 6months which is 50% discount.
That means you can get 25mbps unlimited for Rs.750+tax if paid in advance for a year.