Storage Water Geyser vs Instant Water Heater

Storage water is must for north & north-east India where you get harsh winters however for most of south n west India instant can be enough though it depends on many other factors. Storage Water Geyser comes with 5Liter and above capacity. While Instant water heater comes with below 4L or below capacity with most widely available as 1Liter and 3 Liter instant water geyser.

DescriptionInstant Water HeaterStorage Water Geyser
Capacity1Liter & 3 Liters5Liters, 6Liters, 10Liters, 15Liters, 25Liters
Heating Element2KW, 3KW, 4.5KW2KW, 3KW
ClimateHarsh WintersModerate Winters
AreaKitchen, very small bathroomsMedium size bathrooms
Family Size1-2 person3+ members
Type of bathbucket bathShower , Bath-tub
Lifeless due to high wattage elementlittle higher as heating element is low power
wait time2-3min as small amount is heated in less time10min as large amount with smaller heating element

If you have 4-5members using same bathroom then no doubt storage water geyser is best solution.

Water Heater/Geyser recommendation based on family members.

Use ScenarioRecommended
KitchenInstant Geyser
Bathroom in South or west India 1-2membersInstant Geyser
Bathroom in North or North East India 1-2membersStorage with 6L or 10L
Bathroom in South or west India 4+ members Storage with 6L or 10L
Bathroom in North or North East India 4+ members Storage with minimum 15L
  • Q: Best brand for water geyser?
  • A: (alphabetical order) AO-Smith, Bajaj, Crompton, Havells, V-Guard
  • Q: Which is the safest geyser?
  • A: Electric is mostly safer than Gas geyser. ISI mark is must for a geyser. Pressure depends on how many bar the rated tank can hold. 8bar is must for high rise buildings while minimum is 6.5bar
  • Q: Which tank type is best?
  • A: Glass tank is the best but not found easily otherwise glass coated tank are must.

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