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Looking to save money on power or electricity bills? or if you are doing home repair/renovation and feeling to change devices to save on electricity in long run… then we will suggest you few power saver devices that work best for your home and save you heaps of money…..

You can’t save electricity or power with just one device as there is no magical device that could be fixed to your house power meter or junction box and it start saving you electricity. If anyone claims to make one then it is just another scam. One needs to upgrade the equipment in the home to efficient one over the time whenever upgrade becomes due. Make sure that the next appliance or device that came to your house is energy efficient with 5 star rating. For few basic devices like fan and lights upgrade needs to be done immediately as cost would be recovered in first few months only.

  • BLDC Power Saving Fans
  • LED Lights/Bulbs
  • Inverter 4 star or 5 Star Refrigerators
  • 5 star Inverter Air Conditioners
  • Smart plug for water pump control

1.) Change the normal fan in the house to BLDC power saving fans. Fan is not taken as big power consuming device by many people however in India we have 8(north)-12(south) months of summer/tropical climate in India where fan runs 24hours 30days in a month. Most fans nowadays consume 50-75watts of power while bldc fans on average consume 28-32watts of power.

An average fan of 60watt consume 43 units of electricity in a month at full speed while bldc fan of 30watt consume 21kwh of power if switched all the time. Most of the time we have more than 1 fan in house running. Now this 21-22kwh for 1-2 fan can be approx 30kwh less consumption which at ₹10 per unit electricity cost is equal to Rs.300 per month savings.

Bldc fans cost double the normal fan however most BLDC fan comes with a remote for speed control so one save on regulator cost too and it adds to convenience too. This extra one time cost is recovered in first year of purchase itself.

₹300 savings per month x 8months of tropical climate= ₹2400 saving = Cost of new BLDC fan.

2.) Change old tube lights / incandescent bulb/ cfl lights to LED tube lights/ bulb or downlight – Old yellow halogen bulb uses 5 time more electricity while cfl bulb consumes double the power of electricity bulbs. Again if two led tubelight are used for 12 hours(lights are used in daytime also) everyday then it will save you 15units every month which means electricity bill reduced by Rs.150 per month. This saving can be bigger for 3-4 bedroom house where more no lights are switched on at the given time. Also normal bulb replaced by led bulbs also saves 80% electricity as a 10w led bulb gives light brightness equal to a 60w incandescent bulb. a new led bulb cost Rs.100 in comparison to old incandescent bulb of Rs.25 while a new led tube light cost Rs.800 instead of CFL tubelight setup of Rs.300. These extra initial cost can be easily recovered in 3-6months of electricity savings.

3.) Upgrade Your Fridge or Refrigerator: Fridge or Refrigerator is another household device that needs to be switched on 24/7 for 365 days. Even when on holiday one can’t switch off the refrigerator as always have small amount of food or frozen food left unused. Also if left off Refrigerator start giving foul smell. So better upgrade to a 5star or 4star refrigerator with inverter technology which can save you a lot in electricity bills. Another feature to look out is convertible refrigerator with holiday mode where one can convert freezer to fridge or turn off the fridge part completely while using the smaller freezer part as fridge only.

4.) 5 Star Inverter Air Conditioners: In today’s world of ever increasing power cost having a Inverter AC is a must. 5 Star Inverter AC is the best bet in long term. 80% of India gets peak summer months of 5-6months where AC is more like a necessity for average healthy earning household. If your AC is installed in Bedroom then inverter AC is a must. Decision between a 3 or 4 or 5 star AC can be made on the basis of cost difference + daily usage hours + electricity median unit cost with taxes and surcharge added. However an Inverter AC with 5 year PCB warranty is a must for every India home.

5.) Smart Plug/ Switch to monitor usage of devices. Get these smart plugs to monitor usage of various power guzzler devices in house like water pump, AC , fridge, water heater geyser etc. These smart plug have power monitor app to check electricity month wise day wise and hour wise. So even with one smart plug you can check usage of many devices in house by monitoring it usage for a few days.

Theses smart plug can also schedule the power consuming devices to work for certain hours according to needs thus help you save money by using the device via app more efficiently. Like instead of switching off the geyser overnight you can schedule it to turn on at 6am and switch off at 8am. Or you can schedule your water pump to run for 1 hour every day.