According to website all customers will be shifted to Welcome plan from 5th September 2016 from current Jio preview offer. Though it’s not clear if jio mifi data card customers will also be shifted to this welcome offer.

Biggest drawback of this welcome offer is introduction of data limit of 4GB per day (then 128kbps) in comparison with previous preview offer of unlimited data. Even sms quota has been reduced from unlimited to 100sms per day though calls are unlimited as before. Though a little less attractive than previous unlimited but still 120GB Data and 3000sms is enough for any normal user unless you are not streaming ultra HD content from netflix.

jio welcome offer

Still people are crying foul about the Lyf handset or Mifi device only because unlimited preview offer was promised. Some even cribbing about Jiofi 2 price drop in just 15days.

I think limit has been introduced to stop network abuse by some minor users. As these data leechers use the network thinking it as replacement of wired broadband connection and ruin the 4G experience for everyone else in same area. I think this is a step in right direction as wireless network can’t stand unlimited data for long time.

Also to me this Welcome offer seems like a hint of Jio 4G original plans that are speculated to be announced on 1st Jan 2017 tariff plans as reported by many news agencies.
In my opinion data would be similar to this welcome offer of 120GB per month with price range within Rs.1000-1500.
Let’s hope for the best.

Update: Preview offers users reporting getting changed to welcome offer with 4GB limit getting enforced.
Check the screenshot below

jio welcom offer