Best AX3000 Wifi 6 Routers in India

AX3000 is 3Gbps wifi speed router with gigabit or 2.5gbps ports. For 3000mbps wifi speed wifi6 is kind of standard nowadays. Even on Wifi5 3000mbps router speed was achievable however they were comparatively high end routers. In wifi-6 routers range AX3000 speed is easily attainable even in mid priced routers with price between ₹4000 & Rs.10000.

Wifi 6 widely used wifi standard of WIFI routers in India. 802.11AX is the official name of wifi-6 standard of wifi network in India.

Wifi 6e or 802.11XE is the latest wifi network standard available worldwide. In India very limited range of Wifi-6E routers are available and currently are very costly.

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