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Bsnl has recently announced Rs1099 pack data to increase, from 10GB for 60days to unlimited data for 30days.
It also introduced Rs.549 pack with 10GB free data for 30days and we have Rs.156 pack with 2GB data for 10 days.
All these packs for sure targeted at high usage users only.

However we feel what was the need to introduce unlimited data pack on its 7.2mbps capacity 3G network?
Why not 50GB or 100GB pack or maybe unlimited in night only when most leechers can enjoy life?

Anything above this would reduce user experience as we have seen in the past.
I know many rural users would say about good service experience even back then but think about towns and big city users. Ofcourse many high spending data users are not recharging Bsnl anymore however this is short term and they still won’t come back for time being because free sim is better than Rs.1099 per month.

So unless Bsnl get it 4G network rollout to faster mode, competing with 4G operators in this way would not be good. Infact it would instead ruin the experience for those having 3G only handsets.
Remember not having unlimited data is better than web page not opening at all.