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Currently Airtel offers two cheapest plans with limited data however unlimited calls.

₹179 Recharge₹455 Recharge
28days validity84days validity
2GB total data
(one time not daily data)
6GB total data
(one time not daily data)
Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming callsUnlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls

These plan are suitable for users with very less data usage. Its also suitable for users who travel less or for users who remain in wifi limit within their office or home most of the time. For users when outside don’t need to access the mobile all the time. The one who are not addicted. 😉

Better to get Rs.455 recharge plans as it comes to cheaper on per day basis. However if you need short term recharge then ₹179 is good with 28days validity though Airtel offers ₹155 plan with 24days validity and only 1GB data too. We have ₹99 recharge plan too however it is not unlimited on calls with limited data.