Mercusys launches AX3000 wifi-6 Router in India MR80X

Mercusys the sub brand of Tp-Link has launched AX3000 wifi-6 router in it’s product range with very attractive price range of Rs.4500 only as introductory offer. Named Mercusys MR80X this router is equipped with 3gigabit LAN port + 1 gigabit Wan port however no usb port is given. On wifi front this wifi-6 router has 4 physical antenna and supports 60mhz for 574mbps speed on 2.4ghz band + 160mhz for 2402mbps speed on 5ghz wifi band. It supports 4x Mu-Mimo , Ofdma, beamforming, for higher speed through-put with better latency and coverage over larger areas. Bss-colouring helps in better speeds when neighbouring wifi congestion is high. Target wake time allows in negotiating wake time for connected battery powered devices resulting in power saving and battery optimisation.

Other Features and specs of Mercusys MR80X includes:

  • AX3000 802.11AX compatible wifi-6 Router
  • 3000mbps on wifi 6 std with integrated use of dual band network
  • 574mbps on 2.4ghz called as wifi-4 network
  • 2402mbps speed on 5ghz network called wifi-5 network
  • Latest wifi3 support for better wifi encryption to protect from brute force attack.
  • Ofdma support for upto 128 no of simultaneous device connection.
  • Beamforming for additional speed at every corner of the house.
  • TWT target wake time for power saving of battery powered wifi client devices.
  • BSS Colouring for less neighborhood interference
  • Backward compatible with 802.11a(wifi-1), 802.11b(wifi-2), 802.11g(wifi-3), 802.11n(wifi-4) and 802.11ac(wifi-5).
  • 3 Gigabit ethernet ports.

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