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If you are using Excitel fiber 300mbps plan with default excitel router and not getting full speed on wifi then this post is for you. Excitel 300mbps plan comes in price range of ₹499 to 899 per month depending on how longer the term you recharge for.

For example 1 month plan cost Rs.899+gst per month while a 3 month plan cost Rs.752+gst per month, further a 6month plan costs ₹600+gst per month while a 12 month plan costs mere Rs.499+gst per month.

Now if you have a this 300mbps plan and you are using excitel default router than chances are you will be getting 300mbps only when standing next to router. After 1 or 2 walls from the router this speed drop is heavy to below 100mbps so the whole purpose of getting 300mbps doesn’t stand.

Now to avert from this speed drop we suggest you three solutions :
  1. To get a second gigabit router and connect it via ethernet wire to use it as a access point. Make sure these have a gigabit port and dual core processor like these :
  2. Now if hard wiring is not possible then your second best option is to get a mesh solution which though can cost you double the amount of first solution however no wire would be seen in house. Double cost is as this would have 2 node system like this:
  3. Last is to use range extender however it can cause a speed drop to some extent , so we would recommend you use these only if you have a range problem. :