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Railwire is communication & fiber optics arm of Indian Railways. Railwire provides broadband service throughout India with help of last mile franchise who are allowed to offer it via fiber, ethernet or wirelessly whichever way they like.

Railwire plans speed starts from 20mbps and goes till 100mbps. Some local railwire provides gives plan with more 100mbps speed too. Best routers for Railwire plans of 100mbps and more:

Though for speed less than 100mbps gigabit router are not must as router with fast ethernet can easily support 95mbps speeds. However most of the above routers have 3 years warranty and easily last more than 5 years. In 5 years broadband scene is changing fast we have come up from 8-10mbps of adsl to 100mbps of fiber in very short span of time. Expect next 5 years to be same where gigabit speeds plan would soon become affordable while 100-300mbps would be minimum plans. So above routers can easily reach 300-500mbps speed easily would be somewhat future proof.