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Bsnl is providing fiber based broadband service on franchise model where last mile is operated by local cable operator(LCO). Here installation of fiber and installing ONT Router is responsibility of local cable operator. Many times LCO provides Fiber ONT to customer on hefty ripoff charges. Though some times when LCO faces shortage or some other problem they ask customer to buy it from local market.

Best wifi ONT modem for Bsnl Fiber Broadband Service:

BEST GPON based fiber ONT

Now buying it from LCO is better if you live far away from market like in rural areas. Here warranty and every thing lie with LCO. Also for any issues/problems LCO can’t blame your modem/ONT. Also with rising fuel prices it isn’t feasible in long run.

Still if you live in town/city with market nearby then we recommend you to buy the ONT/modem yourself because LCO provide ONT are mostly unbranded low quality one, that too overpriced. While if you order yourself online or from local market then many good brand like Tenda, Tp-link provide ONT with 2 years warranty.

Before buying ONT ask your cable operator if all brand of ONT will work? Also which technology OLT he has GPON or EPON? As you need to buy same technology ONT modem. Some ONT modem called Xpon work on both GPON & EPON technology, you can’t switch accordingly. Now lets have a look at few ONT we think gonna work with Bsnl fiber Broadband service.