Best Wifi Router For 2 Floor House India

Indian houses are mostly made with brick and multi level floor use concrete with iron frame. So wifi signal penetration depletes in multi floor house. It is recommended to use mesh router as two mesh routers can provide better coverage than single router any day. However singal depletion mostly effects if your broadband speed is above 100mbps. For below 100mbps speed even a single router with good coverage is enough. But still mesh router is future.

Lets Check out few good routers for a double storey house also called two floor house:

  1. Mercusys Halo N300 S3 Mesh router with 2pack – 50mbps speed more info.
  2. Mercusys Halo AC1200 S12 Mesh router with 2 pack – 50-100mbps speed more info
  3. Tp-Link Deco M3 AC1200 mesh router 2 pack – 100-150mbps speed more info
  4. Mercusys MR50G AC1900 1pc with good coverage – more info
  5. Tenda AC10 AC1200 another router with good coverage more info

I’ll recommend Mesh router for better coverage. Router listed at 1 & 2 lack giganet port so good for lees than 100mbps speeds only. Best but router 3 for mesh or router 4 for single router setup.

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