Get same speed as mobile on Tp-Link MR600?

Q: I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 & using Jio Sim on it. I get around 110 Mbps speed. Will tplink MR600 4G+ router will able to give me same speed?

Ans: Most of latest Samsung S series phone support 4CA easily. With Jio even 3CA is very much possible as it uses Band 40+3+5 in most states and even allows 3CA with it. Further Jio uses samsung equipment in backend so CA is easily activated on most Samsung phones.

While Tp-Link MR600 supports 2CA only i.e. either Band 40+5 or Band 40+3 or Band 5+3 will work. All band cannot work together simultaneously. But still 100mbps can be easily achieved with with either of above band combination.

So the best way to check is by dialing *#0011#* and select sim slot where you are using jio. There check how many bands are listed. You need to scroll down and traverse through the lots jargon. Here if all 3 bands are listed then MR600 may not be able to achieve the desire speeds. However if either of 2 bands are listed then MR600 can achieve the same speeds.

Tp-Link MR600 with Dual Band Wifi LTE Category 6 4G+ speed. more info

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