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Here is the list of 4G modems we recommend with all the band required for JIO & AIRTEL ….
  • Tp-Link MR100 LTE CAT4 150DL – Wifi N300mbps Router(no voice)
  • Tp-Link MR 600 LTE CAT6 300DL – Wifi AC1200 Router(no voice)
  • Tp-Link TL-MR6500v CAT4 150DL – Wifi N300mbps Router with VoLTE & voice port
  • TP-Link MR6400 LTE CAT4 150DL – Wifi N300mbps Router(no voice) openwrt support for ver1
  • D-Link DWR-920V LTE CAT4 150DL – Wifi N300mbps router with voLTE + voice port

If you live in rural area of India chances of getting Fixed broadband is limited to Bsnl only. That too is getting difficult with Bsnl in losses and no funding from govt. Lately 4G/LTE service from Jio & Airtel is taking coverage to far remote areas of India making high speed inter accessible there. With work from home taking hike in these pandemic times it has become even more the need of an hour for remote wifi coverage.

However to work full time 8-10hours on 4G network one can’t depend solely on mobile phones as they are prone to overheating if mobile hotspot is kept ON for such a long time. Also most people also need to attend work calls too during this period. Therefore the need to have LTE 4G modem with good wifi coverage inbuilt vent, band selection etc.