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Airtel has launched new Rs.499 plan to compete with Jio’s Rs.399 plan. Both plans are available on Fiber service. Lets’ compare both the plans:

  • Initial installation charges is Rs.1500 by Jio which include dual band wifi ONT router where Rs.500 is refundable after 30days VS Rs.1180 charged by Airtel where on gets dual band ONT router but nothing is refundable and subscriber can keep router if connection is more than 1 year old.
  • First month charge Jio Rs.1500 only gives one month free @150mbps VS Airtel Rs.1768 includes installation and 1 month rent charge @50mbps.
  • Monthly Charge Jio Rs.399+gst= Rs.470.82 VS Airtel Rs.499+gst = Rs.588.82 (difference of Rs.118)
  • Speed Jio 30mbps gives 28-30mbps VS Airtel 40mbps give 45-49mbps.
  • Data Jio offers 3330 GB VS Airtel 3333GB by Airtel.
  • Calling is unlimited for both. (1860 is chargeable by airtel @ Rs.2 per min, Free with Jio)
  • Jio calling can be used via normal landline phone + you ca use jiocall app too on 5 additional mobile with parallel ringing feature VS Airtel calling can be used via normal landline phone only.
  • Both offers Dual band fiber ONT router with gigabit port.
  • Jio offers mesh router @ Rs.2500 each vs Airtel offers 3pc mesh routers on Rs.25000 advance rental payment for first year and Rs.1499 per month plan as minimum for second year. From third year user can keep the mesh router.
  • One can use Airtel ont in bridge mode while its not possible in Jio fiber.
  • Airtel fiber provides public ipv4 address vs Jio which provides pvt ipv4 address with cgnat though jio do provide public ipv6 address.
  • Jio provides set top box for Rs.1000 refundable deposit while Airtel provides xstream box for Rs.1500 refundable security deposit. Both deposit are additional to initial deposit at time of installation.
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So from facts one can clearly understand that if internet is priority then Airtel to be selected as it charges more but provided ipv4 address and extra speeds too. However if calling is main priority then Jio offers many additional features via its app like jio call and parallel ringing etc plus no charge on 1860 nos. Airtel support is tad better too as it is more experienced in broadband sector.